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My Lead System Pro or My Lucrative Sales Pro perhaps is a play on words but is extremely important for a new marketer or MLM’er to think about.  You see 95% to 97% of people that get into MLM or almost any home based business is destined to fail because they are not geared towards sales.

Now I am not picking on anyone.  It’s just the facts.  So when you join a company you get paid on commissions from products being sold right?  Well – don’t you have to sell them?  And what about the opportunity?

Once again you most likely are selling the opportunity when you show it to your friends, family and acquaintances.  And then when they don’t want your opportunity – you walk away feeling rejected.  Deep down inside – you feel some how that the rejection of your opportunity was actually some how a personal rejection.

My Lead System Pro or My Lucrative Sales Pro Is The Answer

Now when you join My Lead System Pro – it’s a whole different ball game.  We don’t sell!  Well not if you are taught correctly anyway.  I am sure that an awful lot of members sell anyway because that’s how they were taught.  But once again – if they are part of that 95% to 97% group of people – well then they are destined to fail!

You see all of our sales funnels are set up and created for us.  In fact – they are created by people who have been trained to do copy writing.  By the way – copy writing is the art of persuasion through the written word.  Or in other words – SALES!

So these sales funnels are designed to sell for us.  AND when someone joins either through a trial membership, purchasing a course – or even a direct sign up – that sales funnel function kicks in again – on your behalf.  They do the sales for you!

And that sales funnel that kicks in when people join – well that would be the absolute hardest thing to do for a non-sales type of person.  I mean it is one thing to get a prospect to the point where they may join – but getting them to buy an additional $1400.00 worth of products – lol – yeah that is sales baby!

BUT My Lead System Pro does that for you.  And statistics show that when a person has made up their mind and whipped out their credit card to join – that is the absolute best time to encourage them or Up Sell them.  And like I said – My Lead System Pro does that for us.

Now if you are not a member yet – let me tell you what that means for you personally.  You see when we are at the Mastery Level within MLSP – we get 100% of the commissions generated at the sign up or product purchase up sell campaigns.  They are referred to as One Time Offers.  And usually – they are bundles of some sort or package deals that save the new member money.  BUT you get the commissions!

And that’s why I sometimes think of My Lead system Pro as My Lucrative Sales Pro because the sales end of MLSP is awesome and is done totally on your behalf.  And that my friend is what will give you that income and that life style that you have always wanted!

AND – That Means Anyone Can Become Successful In MLSP Because The Sales - Is Done For You!

Now we also make money on the subscription to the system and here again – your friends in the sales funnel are helping you.  You see humans and especially non – business type of people are geared towards spending less.  Heck we all want to save money right?

Well that means most people would want to come in at the Academy level because it’s cheaper.  And that is sad because at the Academy you only make a measly 30% on those products that we were talking about.  And statistically – they have the highest failure rate.

So why is that?  Well – they work hard and hardly make any money so they see something else come a long and they take off.  BUT the Mastery level people make 25 TIMES MORE money!  AND – statistically they have a huge percentage of successes as compared to the Academy level folks.

Why – because they are the ones that make all the money!  They are more business minded and they understand that making 100% commissions on products is a business man or woman’s dream!

And – they also make $100.00 per month on every mastery Level person that they bring into MLSP.  So think of that for a minute.  Let’s say that you had 10 people at the Mastery level under you.  Well that’s a cool $1,000.00 per month right off the bat.

Heck that’s like an awesome car payment!  And really when you stop and think about it – how many of your friends doing home parties and stuff – are taking home that kind of money?

How about none – if you are basing it on statistics.

Well that’s why I love My Lead System Pro – and I sometimes think of it as My Lucrative Sales Pro!

Now if you found this article because you came across one of my website pages somewhere on the internet – I invite you to come on over to Lead System Biz to learn a lot more about My Lead system Pro – and also to learn more about me.  Find out why it would be to your advantage to join our team and get me as your mentor, coach or master mind buddy in My Lead System Pro.

And thanks for stopping in!  I greatly appreciate it!


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