My Lead System Pro and Do I really Need A Mentor

My Lead System Pro and Do I Really Need A Mentor?  Well there is so much training inside My Lead System Pro – that many people would do just fine all on their own.  Just sign up and go for it.  I mean that’s what I did!

But if a person was new to online marketing and had all of that training right in front of them – well how would that work out?  Well – there certainly would be a learning curve that’s for sure.  So just think what any typical job is like in just about any industry at all.  They usually say that it takes about 10,000 hours of experience in order to be considered an expert.

So when we are figuring that normal 40 hour weeks per year – minus vacation time – well then 10,000 hours is about 5 years of experience.  Now if a person is just getting started into online marketing or Network Marketing – maybe a mentor could speed up the process a whole lot.  And when you are talking about earned income per year – paying for that 5 year learning curve – LOL – well having a mentor can save you a lot of time and a lot of money too.

Now don’t get excited about that example.  I am not saying that it will take you 5 years to make a decent income.  Heck – most people wouldn’t even try My Lead System Pro if that was the case.

No all I am saying is that when ever we start out in a new career, a new job or a new home business – well there is a learning curve.  And seeing that I have a mentor – I know for a fact that he has taught me so much – that if I learned that information on my own – it would have taken me years.

And it can cause a lot of headaches because sometimes when we learn – we have to learn by our mistakes.

Well I just did a YouTube Video called My Lead System Pro Mentor, Salesmen or Just A Sign Up and I go over the differences.  And I also posted it on my blog so you can see the video there instead by clicking here on My Lead System Pro I Don’t Need No Stinking Mentor.

A Mentor Can Make All The Difference In The World In My Lead System Pro

Now after you watch the video you will see that I am so incredibly thankful that I do have a mentor.  And when you hear a little bit about my story – and what happened to me – well you will see why I became an online or internet marketer like my mentor.

LOL – well truth be told – what else could I do?  I was basically left un-hire able and still can’t find a job.  Except now I don’t want a job.  And that’s because My Lead System Pro has changed everything for me.  My income is growing – and I work when I want and from where I want.

There is no income ceiling.  And in fact – I started out as an Academy member but as soon as I started to promote my links – I promoted myself to the Gold level.  And I believe that is the minimum level for anyone who is business minded anyway.

But then they were explaining the Mastery Level one day and it dawned on me that it is the only place for me personally.  And don’t get me wrong – it was a stretch for me too.  But man I am so thankful I did that.  And think about it – I PROMOTED MYSELF!  LOL – I didn’t have to work my butt off and cross my fingers at the next performance review.  Nope – I just did it.

Anyway – check out My Lead System Pro I Don’t Need No Stinking Mentor on my blog and watch that YouTube Video.  It’s on my Lead System site which is totally devoted to My Lead System Pro.

And if you are checking out My Lead System Pro but stopped at that nasty old capture page – well there is a link on the bottom of the page My Lead System Pro I Don’t Need No Stinking Mentor that will get you around it. :)  I do that for my readers once they find my site – so feel free to check it out!


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