Multiple Streams Of Income Requires Sunglasses

Multiple Streams Of Income Requires Sunglasses.  What?  What in the world are you talking about?  LOL – well let me explain!

You see we all want multiple streams of income and there is no doubt about that.  And as soon as that term is mentioned – we sit up and pay attention.  Well it is certainly doable and especially if you find the right method of creating that stream of income.

But the problem is that we can get distracted very easily.  We see a virtual sea of opportunities out there and when ever something new comes a long - we lose focus or we get tempted.  And they are usually accompanied by great videos and promises of easy wealth.  Or - they offer something new and never done before.

Maybe they even offer a compensation plan that makes it look so easy to have cash just flowing into your bank account!

Multiple Streams Of Income Requires Us To Stay Focused

Well the fact of the matter is that we need to stay focused and we need to stick with one program until we get our income really pouring in – month after month.  And preferably – we should get our income up to the $10,000.00 to $20,000.00 per month range.  Then we can think about diversifying and creating more streams – you know – multiple streams of income.

But if we are into affiliate marketing, network marketing and multi level marketing – we just seem to get distracted by all of the new shiny effect companies and offers out there.  And they seem to pop up almost daily too.

I call this the shiny effect.  And you know what I am talking about too.  You can hold up something shiny in front of a small kid that is busy playing with their toy.  But as soon as they spot that shiny object – well they drop everything and they are up and running.

So it would seem that we need to wear sunglasses or something.  Or have some way to filter out all of these distractions in our business.

My Multiple Streams Of Income Work Hand In Hand

Now on a personal note – I have looked far and wide for the perfect companies in order to generate multiple streams of income.  And I admit I have made mistakes a long the way.  At the time I thought that I was right – but as time went by I figured out that there was something missing.

Well my main company that I work with used to be some secondary company that offered training, education and a marketing system.  And I really only got involved with it at first – in order to help me grow my other programs.  But then they made the company better.  They improved the compensation plan to such a degree – that I realized that this was by far – the best program that I had ever been apart of.  And now that this realization has sunk deep down into my being – well I have absolutely no distractions by shiny objects.

So why do I say that?  Well I can make so much money with this one program – that nothing else even compares.  And this program gives me multiple streams of income – all by itself.  But then the kicker is that by using the marketing system built into this program – I can automatically build other streams of income – by promoting other companies effortlessly at the same time.

So years of searching – and yes that is true - I did look for a long time.  But you know what – you know exactly when you have found the perfect company!

Let me give you just one example of just one of the income streams built into this program.

In My Lead System Pro – at the Mastery Level which is where I am – and what I highly suggest new affiliates take a look at – we get paid 100% Pure Profit on digital products that some of the highest paid people in the company basically donate to us.  So we don’t have to buy the products – but most of us want them all LOL.

But we can promote them – and there are 12 at the moment – but when someone buys one – we earn 100% of the commission.  So how cool is that?  But that is not the example I was going to make!

And when people buy something or they join – they go through the check out and they are offered some One Time Offers that can save them a lot of money.  Well – we get paid 100% of the commissions on all of those sales too – but that isn’t the example either.

The example is this.  We use the internet to promote our business and we can get in front of literally thousands and thousands of prospective buyers or business people just like us.  So if we work at our business for a while – let’s say a year or two – or more – it is highly conceivable that we could have 500, 1,000 or maybe even many more than that – in our business.

Now the Mastery Level is so generous and has such an incredible profit potential – that almost all of the people that join my team – well they go for Mastery.  And we get paid $100.00 per month – every single month – for each person that we refer into the program at the Mastery Level.

So let’s say we worked hard at building our business – and we wore sunglasses and stayed focused – and we had 1,000 people in our team.  And half of them were at the Mastery level.  Well then we would be making $100.00 - times 500 which is $50,000.00 PER MONTH!

BUT that is just one stream of income within one program.  Don’t forget the product sales and the One Time Offers that we also get paid 100% commissions on!

Now maybe you are thinking that 1,000 people is way too much to expect.  Well – we are using the internet first of all.  And secondly – I said that we were going to be working for a year or two or even three.  We were going to focus and really concentrate on building this program.

And besides – I know of one person that just hit 2,000 people in his team and another woman who just crossed the 1,000 mark.

And my mentor – has over 4,000 people in another program – and I think MLSP is SO much better than that program.  So it is doable!  It is very doable!

Well - now do you understand that when people hit me up with the latest and greatest – shiny new opportunity – why I remain focused and keep building my business?  I mean I just love this program so much.  In fact – this is the kind of program that I have spent the better part of my life looking for and waiting for.  Something that was very stable – mature – and paid extremely well.  AND something that I know that anyone could do!

So if you are looking to finally settle down – and create for your own family – multiple streams of income – well come on over to My Lead System Pro.  In fact – come on over to my site and learn more about me – more about the company – and watch some free videos in the Training Course area.

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