MLM Successs And What They Do Not Tell You

MLM Success And What They Do Not Tell You can make you or break you. But if you are like the majority it will ruin any chance of you reaching MLM Success. And I am sure that your sponsor or mentor may not deceive you on purpose. I mean - they may not even realize it themselves - especially if they are newbies themselves.

But if we are honest with ourselves - and especially with our prospects - we must realize and accept the fact that the majority of people will never reach any sort of MLM success. And the reasons why are simple and very easy to identify - but most of us want the prize so bad - that we sort of close our eyes to the very important facts. Now what exactly am I talking about?

Well the most important thing is all about you being able to duplicate yourself - down through your team. Your team must - and I do mean must - grow and duplicate over and over again in order for you to achieve that much desired MLM success. MLM Success Comes From Finding The Right People

And right about now you are saying to yourself......"well that's no big deal because my sponsor said all I have to do is sponsor 5 people."

Now that's the point! You see most sponsor's, mentor's or coaches will tell you that all you have to do is find 5 people. But that is NOT the whole truth. MLM success comes from duplication and duplication comes from having people in your team that possess Leadership Qualities.

So instead of you finding 5 people - you really should be looking for 5 "Good People." And that even sounds about the same right? In fact it almost sounds exactly the same.

But this is what they do not tell you!

In order to find 5 good people - you may have to sponsor 10, 20 or maybe even 30 people - just to find 5 good people. Heck - it may take you that many prospects just to find 1 good person that has the leadership qualities that will create a growing and thriving MLM organization. An MLM organization that will give you the MLM success that you dream about for you and your family.

MLM Success Comes To Those With The Knowledge And The Experience

Now if you are new to MLM - right about now you are freaking out - and you are thinking that maybe you do not want to listen to any more of the truth. But if you left - you wouldn't learn anything - so just hang in here a couple of minutes.

Now - if you were experienced - and you knew what the MLM pro's knew - you wouldn't even blink at getting 10, 20 or even 30 people. In fact - you probably could do that every day!

So if we want to attain MLM success - we need to shift our thinking a little. We already know that making a list of friends and family most likely isn't going to get us our 5 good people.

But if we learned how to get a lot of leads for our MLM business - like 30 or 40 per day - well we would have an unending stream of people that may just have the qualities that we are seeking.

And what if we could do something really crazy like taking our leads and our prospects and putting them into an environment that teaches them and trains them - BEFORE we sponsor them into our MLM? Heck - if we could get 30 or 40 leads per day - and get those prospects trained before we sponsor them - we would have an awful lot more than just 5 Good People!

And - we would most certainly have MLM Success!

In fact - I just wrote a blog post on exactly how I address this issue. So if you want to learn how I get around this problem - check out this post called Leadership Qualities And Network Marketing Success.

And I wish you the very best of MLM Success!  

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