MLM Lead Generation Using Ads And Custom Tracking Links

MLM Lead Generation Using Ads And Custom Tracking Links can not only be productive they can become highly effective. But you must be able to measure them. Now first - there are all sorts of strategies to use for MLM Lead Generation. And for me personally - it's all about the internet.

But earlier this year a friend told me about a classified ad service that could get me into more than 550 cities around the world. So I tried it! It was so easy to use - and it was sort of fun. But anyway I tried it and I did get results so I just kept on using it. Now like I said I mostly use the internet to generate my leads, but this resource works too so I just keep on using it.

I tell you what - take a look at this YouTube video quick - and then I will show you how to use custom tracking links to make this MLM Lead Generation source even better.

MLM Lead Generation Using Advertising Companies Video

To check out this MLM Lead Generating Advertising Resource that is mentioned on the video, click here on MLM Lead Generation Classified Ads.

Well as we saw in the video, we can get a lot of benefits from this particular service - especially when we are looking to get some additional MLM lead generation. So let me show you how I use this service - and how I use custom tracking links to measure my ads.

This way I can make sure that they are effective - and worth while to keep running them. Because with any type of ad or even online activity - we need to measure what we are doing. Otherwise we may just be wasting our time and not even know it.

An Ad Example That Can Be Used In MLM Lead Generation

Here is one of the ad's that I run on the service that I speak about on the video. What I do is create the image or ad on Excel. Then I capture it as an image using "Jing" - which is a free screen capture software. And then - I put the image up on the internet using one of my blogs - and attach a custom URL to it. That makes the image click able - and you can try it by clicking on the image yourself.

Free Webinars Image Example On MLM Lead Generation Article

Now here is what is cool about making an image - and using it as an ad. First of all - you do it once and that's it! You don't have to type in a new ad each time. Just copy the code and then paste it in. And that's it. And the second thing is that it is very appealing to the eye - and makes you look like a professional.

Part of MLM Lead Generation is convincing your MLM Lead that you are the type of sponsor that someone wants to join! And an ad like this is one way of doing that.

Next - the entire picture is click able - not just the button. But the fact is - it is click able! And now the person looking at your ad - can now be re-directed to your blog, your YouTube channel - or your MLM opportunity page that your MLM company provides for you.

If You Can't Measure It - You Can't Fix It

Now what about the custom tracking links? Well there are several ways that you can do this. But something to keep in mind is that most online ad services DO NOT like any sort of affiliate links. So the link that your MLM opportunity or affiliate marketing company gives you - to identify you - well the online ad services typically don't want you to use those.

So you can buy a domain name and forward it to your affiliate link if you want. But as I said - I use a marketing system - so it is real easy for me to make as many custom tracking links as I want - when ever I want. So take a look at the image below.

Custom Tracking Link Example On MLM Lead Generation Article

Now you can see one custom tracking link labeled MLM Lead Generation Ads circled in Red - and that one is for the YouTube Video link that goes to the ad service. So when people click on it I know exactly how many clicked, how many came back for a second or third look.

And if they go beyond that and become a lead or join my primary affiliate program - I know that as well. So right now I have a 9% sales conversion rate from a blog post I did - but with this new link - I can now see if the conversion rate is higher or lower on YouTube. And you can start to see how important it is to measure your effectiveness of your ads and all of your promotions.

Anyway - I use the ad service as part of my many strategies for MLM Lead Generation and with the addition of custom tracking links - I know exactly how effective my blog posts, videos and promotions are and where I need improvement.

I hope you enjoyed the video and check out this ad service for some of your MLM Lead Generation activities if you want - and see how I get my ad's in over 600 cities all around the world - every month!

classified submissions click able image

And if you have any questions - please feel free to contact me by using the links and information listed below.

I wish you the very best of success in everything you do!

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