MLM Lead Generation Secret Weapon

MLM Lead Generation Secret Weapon is done online and is very powerful. And when you see what we reveal here you will change how you look for MLM Leads. And forget about making a list of friends and family if you are not making money yet.

No Time Wasters With This MLM Lead Generation SystemYeah - save them for later! I mean when you are making a steady income - they'll jump in.

But if you are not making a steady income - well they'll just want to "wait and see" anyway.  And truth be told - they will just waste your time in the mean time.

So skip the headaches and check this out instead.

Get onto the internet and meet people who think like you do - and want what you have!

Now how do we get MLM Leads online? And what is this MLM Lead Generation Secret Weapon?

Well first - there are a few different ways to get MLM leads online. We can do blogging, make YouTube videos, we can run ads - and we can even use social media too. But today I want to show you something that you may not of heard about before.

MLM Lead Generation Through Blogging Is one Thing - BUT......

You have to learn some things about search engines and keywords - and - you have to have a pretty powerful blog in order to get on the first page of the search engine result pages. I mean the writing part of it seems like it is not too bad - and almost all of us could do that part of it - right?

But - it's all that techno babble stuff that can hold you back. And I'll be real honest with you here - it can be really hard to get on the top of page one on Google.

In fact - let me be brutally honest and show you exactly what you are up against. Otherwise - you will have years of struggling - without this MLM lead generation secret!

Oh - and I do know a little bit about what I am talking about when it comes to getting traffic online. You see - I have 26 blogs! So you see - I know how much effort that it takes to get onto page 1 - and how much I needed to learn too!

Anyway - check out this photo!

Google Heat Map Example

Now these are the results of a University study and it is showing us how much of the traffic click on the top 10 spots on page one of Google during a typical search.

Now at first this may not mean much to you - but it should shock the heck out of you.

You see - the first 3 positions get 79.63% of ALL THE TRAFFIC. Do you understand that?

Almost 80% of all the traffic - click on the 1st 3 results on page 1! And what about the rest of the top 10 positions?

Well if we add them all up - 98.9% of ALL THE TRAFFIC goes to the top 10 spots on page 1!

So if you want to get MLM leads from the internet - you have got to get on page one of Google! If you don't - well you are pretty much wasting your time! Now this is where the MLM lead generation secret weapon comes in when it comes to MLM lead generation.

Are you ready for this? Okay - here it is!

You never have to get on Google!

That's right! In fact - you never have to get on any of the popular search engines in order to get traffic and MLM leads!

So What Is This MLM Lead Generation Secret Weapon?

Well you see I got a marketing system that I use to generate MLM leads. And one tiny little benefit - that hardly anyone knows about - is a built in article directory. Now I didn't think much of it when I saw it. But - I put up a few articles on it because I can make them show up on my landing pages.

So after a while I noticed that I was getting a considerable amount of traffic on these articles. But - I wasn't real serious about them - and in fact - I never would have done them like I did if they were on my blog. Then after I noticed this traffic coming in - which to me almost seemed like an accident - well I did some more.

But this time I watched them. And this MLM lead generation secret weapon was crazy!

I mean I was getting traffic within the first hour on some of them - and within a couple of hours on the others.

Now remember - I wasn't real serious about these and when I look on Google - I can't find them! But - even though they never showed up on Google - I get more than 100 views per month on each article! Now I know that I can get a lot more than that - but think about this - I was just throwing some words up on it.

That means a brand new person who is just getting into blogging - could do this very easily. Because - they never have to get onto Google in order to get traffic! LOL - it's crazy!

Now how does this happen?

Well the guy's who started this company are legitimate - marketing guru's. So when they set it up - they have it set up on multiple article directories. And that means the traffic comes from internal searches - even if you never get onto Google's 1st page!

LOL - it's simply genius!

So think about that. You can be brand spanking new to MLM lead generation online - and get your hands on this MLM lead generation secret weapon - and get instant traffic!

Even if you do not know much about blogging! And then if I teach you some of what I know - and you do get on some of the top spots on Google - well then you will have some killer traffic. I mean - you could get thousands of visitors on your articles!

AND - there is no limit of how many articles that you can have! Heck - what if you had 100 articles - and just got 100 visitors each month on each article. That would be 10,000 visitors each month - without ever getting on a search engine result page!!!

But - what would happen if you did get on the 1st page of Google?

Ha, ha, ha - well I guess you would be very successful with your MLM business huh?

So What Does This MLM Lead generation Secret Weapon Look Like?

Like THIS!

You see - this is one of my articles - on my article directory! And you found it!

So if you are wondering if it really works - you already have the answer!

Now check out the other cool stuff that you get along with this MLM Lead Generation Secret Weapon and as you are looking at all the cool benefits - let me know if you even see them mention this article directory.

I say that because very few people that join this company even know that the article directory even exists - or how powerful it can be.

And that's why I call it the MLM Lead Generation SECRET WEAPON!

Click here to learn more about the MLM LEAD GENERATION SECRET WEAPON .

And when you take it for a spin for a 10 day trial - I'll show you how to set it up very quickly and put it to use right away.

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