How To Start A Blog - Part 1

How To Start A Blog can be easy or it could be hard. The difference depends on what kind of a blog you want to start and what kind of platform you choose. You also have to consider WHY you want to start a blog. Well - in any case there are a lot of choices.

So let's explore a few scenario's and see what scenario fit's your particular wants and needs. BlogNow today blogging is very popular and quite frankly - it is pretty easy to get into.

And it is natural for a person to start thinking about the question - How To Start A blog? But first we have to think about why we want to start a blog. This may sound stupid because you may be thinking exactly why you want to start one - but the results will really depend on a few options.

Let me explain. If you wanted to start a blog so you can share with the world your journey's - while you travel the country perhaps - well then you can easily use a free blogging platform like Word Press or Blogger.

BUT - if you want to make money online by let's say promoting affiliate links - or maybe by building a Network Marketing business - well then the 2 choices of blogging platforms that I just mentioned - can be the WORST thing that you could choose.

Why is that?

Well these FREE type of sites want you to bring traffic through their platform. And by doing that - more and more people will sign up for their platform. So you get to use the platform for free - but - you can't being doing something to re-direct the traffic away from the platform in order for you to make money. Especially by using affiliate links or an MLM type of business.

How To Start A Blog And Make Money

So - if it is just creative writing or blogging that you are looking to do - then a free Word Press or Blogger site is the easiest way to get going. But if you are looking to make money from blogging - well then we have to look at a couple of other ways to get going.

And I say that because if you choose the wrong method - you can lose all of your hard work in an instant - and most likely just as soon as you start to make good money. LOL - and that is the pits!

Now almost every source that we can use - that is free that is - has language in their rules or policy that states, that we cannot promote an MLM type of business or an affiliate program - or - use the site for commerce. So how do we get around that?

Well what I do is I use sites that are popular and free - like Facebook, YouTube and Blogger - and then drive the traffic to a site that I know allows affiliate links. And then - something which may sound a little technical - but I will show you how to do it easily - I tell Google and the other search engines - not to follow to the affiliate site.

So if we are smart - we can get the best of all worlds. We can get free resources, and free traffic - and yet we can also make money.

How To Start A Blog And Get Everything We Want

So what's next? Well - "How To Start A Blog" can be pretty easy to do. But - it will cover much more than one article. So - I am going to do a series of articles for you - and - I will show you step by step using videos. This way - you can watch over my shoulder - and see all the different ways to start a blog.

And I will also show you how to get a massive amount of traffic - which you most definitely can make an affiliate income from. And you never have to worry about losing your hard work.

In fact - you will be rewarded for your hard work. So check out "How To Start A Blog - Part 2".

Note: - That link will be posted right here shortly - and will start the video series as well.

So please come back soon and check for the next article. Thanks :)  

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