How To Make 5 Thousand Dollars In 30 Days

Could you do that?  Could you just decide to make 5 thousand dollars at the drop of a hat?  Well many of us would want to do it or at the very least learn how to do that.  And if you stop and think of it – there are millions of people out there today that really need to know exactly how to make 5 thousand dollars in 30 days.

And think about it – how many foreclosures could have been avoided if we knew how to do that?  And I include myself in that category because I have too!

You see – in May of 2011 I got some weird infection.  The doctors don’t know what it was, how I got it – or how to kill it.  So I ended up in the hospital for a month and a half.  I had two surgeries and spent 8 days on life support and in a coma.  Oh and that month and a half was sooo long because all I could do was stare at the wall and wonder if the house would be auctioned off while I was in the hospital.

I already lost my van which only had a few more months of payments left on it.  And that was hard.  Not so much watching it get towed away – but looking into my kids tear filled eyes – that was the pits.

But now – facing about a year of recuperation and not being able to earn an income – that was driving me mad!  And – LOL – my surgeon said that I had to avoid stress or I would end up back on the table again.  LOL – oh that was a good one!

I Took Steps To Re-Invent My Career

So I got into online marketing and I found a mentor who taught me a lot.  BUT it is a slow process for sure.  And then a week or two ago I found this silly little course “How To make 5K In 30 Days – The Interviews”.  Man – this is exactly what the doctor ordered for my financial situation.  And I say this because in this course – they show you how to make money fast!

And that’s what I needed!  I needed to learn how to make 5 thousand dollars in 30 days – and if I could do it – I know others could do it as well!

So I watched the videos for almost a whole day and then started to put it into action.  And this was and still is a shift for me because I am a blogger.  And a lot of my blogs need attention and I keep going back to the old ways of doing things – but then the little course gets me back on track.

But the results so far have been awesome!  In fact on the very first day that I started – I made 20% of my personal goal for the whole month!  Now I don’t know about you – but truth be told – I would still be thrilled if that’s all I did for the month!  I mean I already made back way over 20 times what I paid for the course – and who says that I can’t keep doing these strategies every single month from now on?

And that’s the point!  This course that shows you how to make 5 thousand dollars in 30 days is actually showing you how to make money for the rest of your life.  It shows you how to make a new career!  The heck with unemployment and under employment – we can re invent ourselves by learning from the pro’s – and do what they do.  We don’t have to recreate the wheel!  NO – just copy what they do!

So - if you want to read more about this course - check out the page on my blog about 5K In 30 Days.

I love this course and I have been watching the videos over and over again.  They get me back on track and focused.  So I am sure that you will love it too!

Come check it out at 5K In 30 Days


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