Empower Network vs MLSP Article Directory

Empower Network vs MLSP Article Directory shows a huge difference when it comes to getting traffic - especially for the new blogger or affiliate marketer. I mean getting traffic is what it is all about right? Empower Network BlogWhy else would you spend the money for a network blog or a pre-built blogging system?

But when you spend money on a system - the darned thing should perform and give you some sort of return on your investment - especially in the ability to get you internet traffic.

So let me show you what the difference is between Empower Network and the MLSP Article Directory - and then you can come to your own conclusions.

To start off, Empower Network is a network blogging system that is basically pre-built for you. And that is really important for the person who is brand new to blogging.

Let's face it - there is a lot to building or creating your own blog site - and some of it can become a little technical.

So getting something that is ready to go with no set up - or very little set up is very beneficial. And basically - the Empower Network blogging system fits the bill as far as being almost ready to go.

But - a new person wants a little more than pre-built. They also want traffic! They want internet traffic so they can get sales, leads and new prospects for what ever business that they are in. Now this is what I found when I joined Empower Network back in December of 2012.

Empower Network Creates A Sub-Domain For Each Affiliate Or Member

So when I joined Empower Network - I thought originally that the great domain Alexa score of around 500 at the time - well I thought that's what I was getting. I thought that all of that horse power would help me get more traffic than the rest of my blogs. But that is not the case at all.

Each of us that join Empower Network - well we have to work just as hard to get our blog ranked by Alexa - as we do to get our own personally owned blog ranked. And I know how hard that is because I have 26 blogs of my own. In fact - I have been building websites and blogs for about 10 or 12 years.

Now I joined Empower Network because I thought that it would be cool to help people get started easily in blogging - and of course - I could make some money along the way. And when I joined - well I was a little skeptical so I did something a little weird.

You see I also started a free blog of my own on Blogger - which is a free blog offered by Google. And when ever I did a post on the free blog - I would also do a blog post on a similar subject on my Empower Network blog. And - in Empower Network - they tell new affiliates to make a new blog post everyday - and to do that for 60 to 90 days. And then - well then we would start to see our traffic increasing to our blog.

So I did that! I made blog post's almost every day - and many times two or even three blog post's per day. And finally I had over 100 blog post's on my Empower Network blog. And then I started to take a really good look at my traffic because to tell you the truth - I wasn't getting much results.

Well I did follow my results and they were the pits. In fact - my Empower Network blog was the worst performing blog out of all of my other blogs. In fact - here is a screen shot of my Google Analytic's page for my Empower Network blog - and it shows first of all - really low traffic.

BUT it also shows that almost all of the traffic came from me - and my other blogs or my email auto responder through referral traffic. Empower Network Traffic 03-19-13

But this is for a 3 month period - and I only had a total of - wait for it - 164 visitors! LOL!

Oh and that free blog that I told you that I started - well that one did great! It was up about 10,000 views at the time - and now is almost 39,000 views. So that is a huge difference.

Anyway - as a blogger with 26 blogs - I personally was not impressed with the performance. And you might say that perhaps my blog posts were sub standard. Except that won't hold water because of the free blog performance - and the fact that I can regularly get on page one of Google with my other blogs.

In fact with one site - I had 2 1/2 pages of Google - with posts and pages from my web site.

So I Left Empower Network For A Few Reasons

Now I left for my own reasons. Does that mean that you can't make money selling Empower Network - of course not. If you believe in it - and can sell it - well I am sure that you can make a bunch of money with it.

But I couldn't do that because I did not believe in it. Plus I was embarrassed to show it to anyone because of the foul - un-professional language etc. Garbage bin full of cash

But my biggest reason was that I couldn't get traffic with the darned thing. And in May of 2013 as I was removing my blog post's I looked up at the screen and I saw an Alexa score of about 16,000,000.

LOL - what happened to that awesome Alexa rank of around 450 to 500?

Remember I said that we are sub domains - and we have to work hard to get our Empower Network blog ranked ourselves? Well there it is!

Anyway - I had joined MLSP which stands for My Lead System Pro and I didn't really do much with it. I joined another blogging system around the same time - so I was torn in too many directions.

But around July of 2013 I got back into looking at MLSP and I discovered that they had an Article Directory. Now remember - I have 26 blogs - so the MLSP Article Directory wasn't screaming at me yet. It was just another benefit.

So in August I wrote some articles on the MLSP Article Directory - but it was because they show up at the bottom of my capture pages. So think about this for a minute. If you use a capture page in order to get leads - you know - when they enter their name and email address so they can watch a video or sign up for a webinar - only a small percentage of people will fill out the form.

So if you had 100 people view your capture page - well maybe only 1 or 2 will actually fill it out. So - what happens to the other 98 or 99 people?

Well - if you have articles listed below the capture page from your MLSP Article Directory - well then they can learn more about you, or your opportunity. And that's why I made the articles on my MLSP Article Directory. It wasn't to get on the search engines - it was for the bottom of my capture pages.

The MLSP Article Directory Shocked Me - And Blew Away My Empower Network Blog Performance

I was really shocked when I started to see how much traffic that I was getting. And as I write this - I only have 11 articles in there. But now that I saw how easy it was to get traffic - and how much traffic I was getting - well now I am starting to go after getting a few hundred articles in my MLSP Article Directory.

In fact - here take a look. You can see the dates and how many I have. But what you will immediately see is the fact that this MLSP Article Directory blew away what I had gotten from Empower Network! Article_Directory_Image_02-16-14

Now you have to admit - that's not bad for only having 11 articles - and none of them were created to get on Google. They were only done to show up on my capture pages like I said.

In fact - I have not been able to find any of these articles on my MLSP Article Directory - on Google. And that my friend should excite you! It should make your blood speed up in your veins because if you can get this kind of traffic - with out ever getting on Google - what could you get if you really put your mind to it and went after getting on page one?

Well why don't I show you a glimpse of what that might look like. You see I know of another MLSP member who is very good at getting on page one of Google. And he did some articles and then didn't pay much attention to them. Then one day he comes back to his MLSP Article Directory and was quite surprised to see how much traffic that he had gotten. And guess what? Now he is also paying more attention to his MLSP Article Directory - just like me!

So check this out! RF_Article_Traffic_Snap_Shot

So - how does a half a million views sound to you? Ha, ha, ha....LOL!

And that's why I am turning more of my effort back to what I had for quite a while - and didn't pay much attention to. Now - I am going to be adding article after article to my MLSP Article Directory!

Why The Big Difference Between Empower Network vs MLSP Article Directory

Well first of all the two companies are totally different. But the biggest reason that the performance or traffic is different is the fact that an article directory is set up different than a sub domain blog. And in fact - an article directory - and especially the MLSP Article Directory - get's traffic from internal directory queries.

What that means is that people search a directory - which is sort of like a phone book - for different topics. And seeing that the MLSP Article Directory is listed - as well as all of those articles - well people find you even though you may never end up on Google.

Now I hope you just realized what I said there!

That means if you are brand new to blogging - and using the internet - well that means that you can get traffic so much easier than ever before. You could get leads like never before! You could get more prospects for your MLM - and more sales - and tons of traffic - like never before! And the best part is that the MLSP Article Directory is ONLY one little benefit of being a member of MLSP.

LOL - so for almost the same amount of money as Empower Network - you could get the MLSP Article Directory - and a whole long list of other benefits - all included for the same price!

In fact that long list is why I love MLSP so much - and now - oh by the way - I also get the power of this MLSP Article Directory. And in my opinion - it is a hundred times more valuable than my Empower Network blog.

Now before I go - you may be interested in seeing what this MLSP Article Directory looks like.

Well - here it is!

You see if you are reading this article - well then you are on my MLSP Article Directory. So you can see what it looks like - you can see all the links below that the MLSP Article Directory inserts automatically - on your behalf.

So check it out!

Click some links like my "Home Page" - and maybe the links to my blog or Facebook Fan page. Because that's what your MLSP Article Directory will be like - all set up for you and everything done for you. (Pssst - if you want to see the video on the other side of the capture page without adding your name and email address.....here's a short cut http://Lead-System.net/intro/ )

All you have to do is add the articles!

You can even visit one of my sites that is devoted to MLSP - which is Lead-System Biz

And if you check it out and are interested in finding out what MLSP is all about - I will tell you why you really need to see what we are doing on our team.

It could just be the best timing of your life!

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